We need your donation to make Hen come to life as an exhibition!

Please find the link to the crowdfunding campaign here:

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise £15,000 to cover the costs of putting on the exhibition and documentary.

The money raised will pay for the equipment for the 3 workshops throughout the week hosted by charity Stonewall Housing, and the panel discussion, the transport and installation of the artwork, a catalogue for the work exhibited and each bio of everyone included, framing, the gallery hire for 7 days and the documentary (film editing, colour grading and equipment expenses).

To get this project off the ground the exhibition and film does need funding. If I don’t reach the entire goal I will prioritise the gallery space, framing, equipment for the workshops and the panel discussion, the transport and installation of the artwork.

The Impact  

This is a valuable and meaningful project as it is more than just an exhibition. It is an opportunity to help Stonewall Housing grow as a charity as well as pushing transgender education and awareness forward, particularly regarding the older generation and devising a way of bringing the younger and older generations of transgender individuals together in a safe and accessible space.

Hen aims to encourage integration between older and younger generations of the transgender community. With this integration the main goal is to inspire them to interact, which will provide a safe-space for education and social development. The project is a reaction to the lack of information in the media and visual arts about the older transgender generation.

Risks & Challenges

If we do not raise the exact amount then we will have to make cuts in other areas and continue to put our own money into the project as we are true believers in this project and what it can do for the community. The exhibition will travel across the UK after the London show so that it can be accessible to many different areas of the UK.

*With your donation of any amount, your name (if provided) will be included on a Contributors List in the printed exhibition catalogue for my show to express my full gratitude. If you choose a donation with a perk, you will also receive that perk no later than May 2019 after the exhibition has taken place. 

If we do run into any further problems, we promise to keep our community updated on our progress.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you're unable to contribute, don't worry, we understand and appreciate your support regardless.

You can still help out by spreading the word and sharing our pages